Peace inhabitant. Kievan Rus


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Peace inhabitant. Kievan Rus

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blue, green, light red

Title Kievan Rus

Archbishop Illarion, Blacksmith Boksha, Chronicler monk Feodosij, Druidess 1, Druidess 2, Fisherman with a net Boltuh, Fisherman with fish-trap Mal, Girl with Carrying pole Nezhana, Hammerman Negorad, Honey seeker Nekras, Merchant Gerard №4, Merchant Goran №3, Merchant Hajim №6, Merchant Sadko №2, Merchant Zafir №5, Merchant ZHila №1, Monk Savvatij, Old woman – herbalist Sbyslava, Prince, Princess, Slavic pagan priest (magus) with a wolf Luchezar, Slavic pagan priest (magus) with owl Budimir, Street fighter Mihalap №2, Street fighter Ratibor №1, Street Merchant Martin №1, Street Merchant Zavid №2


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